Research Activities

Quantum, Micro & Nano Technologies

The PiQuET Team, composed by INRiM, PoliTo and UniTo staff, operates within two key areas of Quantum Technologies (QT):

a) the development of micro / nanostructured materials, devices and sensors and their integration in micro / nanosystems for the industry;

b) the application of QTs, atomic clocks and quantum communication on the territory using optical fibers.

The two themes are interrelated: quantum photonics requires micro / nanodevices, while quantum communication allows the realization of advanced sensor networks and their widespread and safe use.

The PiQuET Team boasts twenty years of experience in the field of quantum, micro and nano technologies, applied to metrology, communication, sensing, biomedical and agro-food, energy and environmental monitoring, industrial systems and additive manufacturing.

The team currently accounts for 80 human resources including professors, researchers, PhD students, research assistants and scholarship holders. The team has consolidated technological and fundamental skills including: growth, characterization and processing of micro and nanoscale materials for the fabrication of MEMS, microsensors, Lab-On-Chip; quantum metrology devices in electrical, time/frequency, photonics areas; quantum communication and sensing in laboratory and over optic-fibre infrastructures; micro and nanostructures for various application fields. Research activities are carried out in collaboration with several industrial partners and academic institutions. The strong synergy with Companies represents a fundamental added value with respect to the scientific competence and tools for a chain of excellence.


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