Projects And Publications


Magnesium-Vacancy Optical Centers in Diamond
E. Corte, G. Andrini, E. Nieto Hernández, V. Pugliese, A. Costa, G. Magchiels, J. Moens, S. Malven Tunhuma, R. Villarreal, L. M. C. Pereira, A. Vantomme, J. Guilherme Correia, E. Bernardi, P. Traina, I. P. Degiovanni, E. Moreva, M. Genovese, S. Ditalia Tchernij, P. Olivero, U. Wahl, and J. Forneris,
ACS Photonics, 2023, 10, 101-110, doi: 10.1021/acsphotonics.2c01130 

Organic bioelectronics development in Italy: a review
M. Parmeggiani, A. Ballesio, S. Battistoni, R. Carcione, M. Cocuzza, P. D’Angelo, V. Erokhin, S.L. Marasso, G. Rinaldi, G. Tarabella, D. Vurro, C.F. Pirri,
Micromachines, 2023, 14, 60, doi:10.3390/mi14020460

High-performance novel asymmetric MXene@CNT//N-doped CNT flexible hybrid device with large working voltage for energy storage
J. Dangbegnon, N. Garino, M. Angelozzi, M. Laurenti, F. Seller, M. Serrapede, P. Zaccagnini, P. Moras, M. Cocuzza, T. Ouisse, H. Pazniak, J. Gonzalez-Julian, P.M. Sheverdyaeva, A. Di Vito, C.F. Pirri, A. Lamberti
Journal of Energy Storage, 2023, 63, 106975, doi: 10.1016/j.est.2023.106975

Pumpless Deterministic Lateral Displacement Separation Using Paper Capillary Wick
B. Aghajanloo, F. Ejeian, F. Frascella, S.L. Marasso, M. Cocuzza, A. Fadaei Tehrani, M.H. Nasr-Esfahani, D. Inglis
Lab On Chip, 2023, doi:10.1039/D3LC00039G, accepted

Microfluidic devices for pore-scale phenomena investigation: a review
A. Massimiani, F. Panini, S.L. Marasso, M. Cocuzza, M. Quaglio, C.F. Pirri, F. Verga, D. Viberti
Water, 2023, 15, 1222, doi:10.3390/w15061222

Coherent phase transfer for real-world twin-field quantum key distribution
C. Clivati, A. Meda, S. Donadello, S. Virzì, M. Genovese, F. Levi, A. Mura, M. Pittaluga, Z. L. Yuan, A. J. Shields, M. Lucamarini, I. P. Degiovanni, D. Calonico
Nature Communication, 2022, 1, 10.1038/s41467-021-27808-1

Optically Loaded Strontium Lattice Clock With a Single Multi-Wavelength Reference Cavity
M. Barbiero, D. Calonico, F. Levi, M. G. Tarallo

Improving the Resolution of Comb-Based Frequency Measurements Using a Track-And-Hold Amplifier
M. Risaro, P. Savio, M. Pizzocaro, F. Levi, D. Calonico, C. Clivati 
Physical Review Applied, 2022, 18, 6, 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.18.064010

QKD and frequency distribution cooperation: the Twin-field QKD case
A. Meda, C. Clivati, S. Virzì, S. Donadello, A. Mura, F. Levi, M. Genovese, I. Degiovanni, D. Calonico
2022 IEEE 15th Workshop on low-temperature electronics, 2022, 10.1109/WOLTE55422.2022.9882601

Organic electrochemical transistors as novel biosensing platforms to study the electrical response of whole blood and plasma
V. Preziosi, M. Barra, G. Tomaiuolo, P. D’Angelo, S.L. Marasso, A. Verna, M. Cocuzza, A. Cassinese, S. Guido
Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2022, 10(1), pp. 87–95, doi:10.1039/D1TB01584B

Flexible and reusable parylene C mask technology for applications in cascade impactor air quality monitoring systems
L. Vigna, M. Gottschalk, N. Cacocciola, A. Verna, S.L. Marasso, S. Seeger, C.F. Pirri, M. Cocuzza
Micro and Nano Engineering, 2022, 14, 100108, doi:10.1016/j.mne.2022.100108

Design of a Portable Microfluidic Platform for EGOT-Based in Liquid Biosensing
M. Segantini, M. Parmeggiani, A. Ballesio, G. Palmara, F. Frascella, S.L. Marasso, M. Cocuzza
Sensors, 2022, 22, 969, doi:10.3390/s22030969

Investigation and modeling of the electrical bias stress in Electrolyte-Gated Organic Transistors
M. Segantini, A. Ballesio, G. Palmara, P. Zaccagnini, F. Frascella, G. Garzone, S. L. Marasso, M. Cocuzza, M. Parmeggiani
Adv. Electron. Mater. 2022, 2101332,

Single-step 3D Printing of Silver-patterned Polymeric Devices for Bacteria Proliferation Control
G.A. González Flores, V. Bertana, A. Chiappone, I. Roppolo, L. Scaltrito, S. Ferrero, S.L. Marasso, M. Cocuzza, G. Massaglia, M. Quaglio, C.F.Pirri
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 2022, 307(1), 2100596,

PDAC-on-chip for modeling in vitro the stromal and pancreatic cancer cells crosstalk
V. Sgarminato, S.L. Marasso, M. Cocuzza, G. Scordo, A. Ballesio, G. Ciardelli, C. Tonda Turo
Biomaterials Science, 2022, 11, 208-224,

Aerosol Jet Printed Organic Memristive Microdevices based on a Chitosan:PANI Composite Conductive Channel
R. Sajapin, D. Vurro, P. D’Angelo, G. Tarabella, S. Marasso, M. Cocuzza, M. Botti, M. Buttrini, A. Calderaro, T. Berzina, S. Iannotta
ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 2022, 4, 12, 5875–5883,



Highlights of recent years…

Absolute frequency measurement of the S-1(0)-P-3(0) transition of Yb-171 with a link to international atomic time
M. Barbiero, M. G. Tarallo, D. Calonico, F. Levi, G. Lamporesi, F. Ferrari
Physical review Applied, 2020, 13, 1, 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.13.014013

Sideband-Enhanced Cold Atomic Source for Optical Clocks
M. Pizzocaro, F. Bregolin, P. Barbieri, B. Rauf, F. Levi, D. Calonico
Metrologia, 2020, 57, 3, 10.1088/1681-7575/ab50e8

Entanglement distribution over a 96-km-long submarine optical fiber
Sören Wengerowsky, Siddarth Koduru Joshi, Fabian Steinlechner, Julien R. Zichi, Sergiy M. Dobrovolskiy, Rene van der Molen, Johannes W. N. Los, Val Zwiller, Marijn A. M. Versteegh, Alberto Mura, Davide Calonico, Massimo Inguscio, Hannes Hübel, Liu Bo, Thomas Scheidl, Anton Zeilinger, Andre Xuereb and Rupert Ursina
PNAS April 2, 2019, 116 (14) 6684-6688,

Feasibility study towards comparison of the g(2)(0) measurement in the visible range
E. Moreva, P. Traina, R. Kirkwood, M. Lopez, G. Brida, M. Gramegna, I. Ruo-Berchera, J. Forneris, S. Ditalia Tchernij, P. Olivero, C. J. Chunnilall, S. Kück, M. Genovese and I. Degiovanni
Metrologia, 2019, 56 (1), 015016,

Quantum micro-nano devices fabricated in diamond by femtosecond laser and ion irradiation
S. M. Eaton, J. P. Hadden, V. Bharadwaj, J. Forneris, F. Picollo, F. Bosia, B. Sotillo, A. N. Giakoumaki, O. Jedrkiewicz, A. Chiappini, M. Ferrari, R. Osellame, P. E. Barclay, P. Olivero and R. Ramponi
Advanced Quantum Technologies, 2019, 2, 1900006,

Superconducting Josephson-based metamaterials for quantum-limited parametric amplification: a review
L. Fasolo, A. Greco and E. Enrico
Condensed Matter Physics, Edited by InTech Open, 2019 

Simple PDMS microdevice for biomedical applications
C. Potrich, L. Lunelli, M. Cocuzza, S.L. Marasso, C.F. Pirri and C. Pederzolli
Talanta, 2019, 193, 44-50,

PEDOT:PSS morpho-structure and ion-to-electron transduction/amplification mechanisms in Organic Electrochemical Transistors
P. D’Angelo, G. Tarabella, A. Romeo, S.L. Marasso, A. Verna, M. Cocuzza, C. Peruzzi, D. Vurro and S. Iannotta
Materials, 2019, 12 (9),

3D printing with the commercial UV-curable Standard Blend resin: optimized process parameters towards the fabrication of tiny functional parts
V. Bertana, G. De Pasquale, S. Ferrero, L. Scaltrito, F. Catania, C. Nicosia, S.L. Marasso, M. Cocuzza and F. Perrucci
Polymers, 2019, 11 (2), 292,

A novel hot embossing Graphene transfer process for flexible electronics
A. Angelini, F. Pirani, F. Frascella, S. Ricciardi, E. Descrovi
Microelectronic Engineering, 2019, 209, 16-19,

A passive two-way microfluidic device for low volume blood-plasma separation
L. Spigarelli, V. Bertana, D. Marchisio, L. Scaltrito, S. Ferrero, M. Cocuzza, S.L.  Marasso, G. Canavese, and C. F. Pirri
Microelectronic Engineering, 2019, 209, 28-34,

Multifunctional Operation of an Organic Device with Three-Dimensional Architecture
G. Tarabella, S.L. Marasso, V. Bertana, D. Vurro, P. D’Angelo, S. Iannotta and M. Cocuzza
Materials, 2019, 12, 1357,

Lift-Off Assisted Patterning of Few Layers Graphene
A. Verna, S.L. Marasso, P. Rivolo, M. Parmeggiani, M. Laurenti and M. Cocuzza
Micromachines, 2019, 10(6), 426,

Scaling Organic Electrochemical Transistors Down to Nanosized Channels
P. D’Angelo, S.L. Marasso, A. Verna, A. Ballesio, M. Parmeggiani, A. Sanginario, G. Tarabella, D. Demarchi, C.F. Pirri, M. Cocuzza and S. Iannotta
Small, 2019, 15, 1902332,

Photofabrication of polymeric biomicrofluidics: New insights into material selection
E. Fantino, A. Chiadò, M. Quaglio, V. Vaghi, M. Cocuzza, S.L. Marasso, C. Potrich, L. Lunelli, C. Pederzolli, C.F. Pirri, R. Bongiovanni and A. Vitale
Materials Science and Engineering: C, 2019, 106 (2020) 110166,

Geodesy and metrology with a transportable optical clock
Grotti, S. Koller, S. Vogt, S. Häfner, U. Sterr, C. Lisdat , H. Denker, C. Voigt, L. Timmen, A. Rolland, F. N. Baynes, H. S. Margolis , M. Zampaolo, P. Thoumany, M. Pizzocaro, B. Rauf, F. Bregolin, A. Tampellini, P. Barbieri, M. Zucco, G. A. Costanzo, C. Clivati, F. Levi and D. Calonico
Nature Physics, 2018, 14, 437-441,

Mapping the local spatial charge in defective diamond  by means of N-V sensors – A “self-diagnostic” concept
J. Forneris, S. Ditalia Tchernij, P. Traina, E. Moreva, N. Skukan, M. Jakšić, V. Grilj, F. Bosia, E. Enrico, G. Amato, I. P. Degiovanni, B. Naydenov, F. Jelezko, M. Genovese and P. Olivero
Physical Review Applied, 2018, 10, 014024,

Single-photon emitters in lead-implanted single-crystal diamond
S. Ditalia Tchernij, T. Lühmann, T. Herzig, J. Küpper, A. Damin, S. Santonocito, M. Signorile, P. Traina, E. Moreva, F. Celegato, S. Pezzagna, I. P. Degiovanni, P. Olivero, M. Jakšić, J. Meijer, M. Genovese and J. Forneris
ACS Photonics, 2018, 5 (12), 4864-4871,

High-Performing and Stable Wearable Supercapacitor Exploiting rGO Aerogel Decorated with Copper and Molybdenum Sulfides on Carbon Fibers
A. Pedico, A. Lamberti, A. Gigot, M. Fontana, F. Bella, P. Rivolo, M. Cocuzza and C.F. Pirri
Applied Energy Materials, 2018, 1, 9, 4440-4447,

Phase-driven charge manipulation in Hybrid Single-Electron Transistor
E. Enrico, E. Strambini and F. Giazotto
Scientific reports, 2017, 7 (1), 13492, 

Absolute frequency measurement of the 1S03P0 transition of 171Yb
M. Pizzocaro, P. Thoumany, B. Rauf, F. Bregolin, G. Milani, C. Civati, G. A. Costanzo, F. Levi and D. Calonico
Metrologia, 2017, 54 (1), 102-112,

A VLBI experiment using a remote atomic clock via a coherent fibre link
C. Clivati, R. Ambrosini, T. Artz, A. Bertarini, C. Bortolotti, M. Frittelli, F. Levi, A. Mura, G. Maccaferri, M. Nanni, M. Negusini, F. Perini, M. Roma, M. Stagni, M. Zucco and D. Calonico
Scientific Reports, 2017, 7, 40992,

Quantifying the backflash radiation to prevent zero-error attacks in quantum key distribution
A. Meda, I. P. Degiovanni, A. Tosi, Z. Yuan, G. Brida and M. Genovese
Light: Science & Applications, 2017, 6, e16261,

Determining the quantum expectation value by measuring a single photon
F. Piacentini, A. Avella, E. Rebufello, R. Lussana, F. Villa, A. Tosi, M. Gramegna, G. Brida, E. Cohen, L. Vaidman, I. P. Degiovanni and M. Genovese
Nature Physics, 2017, 13, 1191-1194,

Toward Lateral Length Standards at the Nanoscale Based on Diblock Copolymers
G. Aprile, F. Ferrarese Lupi, M. Fretto, E. Enrico, N. De Leo, L. Boarino, F. G. Volpe, G. Seguini, K. Sparnacci, V. Gianotti, M. Laus, J. Garnæs and M. Perego
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2017, 9 (18), 15685-15697,

Superconducting Quantum Interference Single-Electron Transistor
E. Enrico and F. Giazotto
Physical Review Applied, 2016, 5 (6), 064020, 

Direct-Write X‑ray Nanopatterning: A Proof of Concept Josephson Device on Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ Superconducting Oxide
M. Truccato, A. Agostino, E. Borfecchia, L. Mino, E. Cara, A. Pagliero, N. Adhlakha, L. Pascale, L. Operti, E. Enrico, N. De Leo, M. Fretto, G. Martinez-Criado and C. Lamberti
Nano Lett., 2016, 16 (3), 1669−1674,

Electrical stimulation of non-classical photon emission from diamond color centers by means of sub-superficial graphitic electrodes
J. Forneris, P. Traina, D. Gatto Monticone, G. Amato, L. Boarino, G. Brida, I. P. Degiovanni, E. Enrico, E. Moreva, V. Grilj, N. Skukan, M. Jakšić, M. Genovese and P. Olivero
Scientific Reports, 2015, 5, 15901,

Metrology for industrial quantum communications: the MIQC project
M. L. Rastello, I. P. Degiovanni, A. G. Sinclair, S. Kück, C. J. Chunnilall, G. Porrovecchio, M. Smid, F. Manoocheri, E. Ikonen, T. Kubarsepp, D. Stucki, K. S. Hong, S. K. Kim, A. Tosi, G. Brida, A. Meda, F. Piacentini, P. Traina, A. Al Natsheh, J. Y. Cheung, I. Müller, R. Klein and A. Vaigu
Metrologia, 2014, 51(6), S267-S275,