Facilities And Services

Reference for quantum, micro and nano technologies

PiQuET excellences
  • Qualified personnel of INRiM, Politecnico di Torino e Università degli Studi di Torino; 
  • Design, fabrication, and characterization of quantum metrology devices;
  • Growth, characterization, and processing of micro and nanoscale materials for the fabrication of MEMS, microsensors, and Lab-On-Chip.


  • Infrastructure access and training;
  • Support to the development of new micro and nanostructured materials;
  • Support to the measurement and characterization of devices for on-demand applications;
  • Support for the design and development of functional devices and components.

Access mode

  • Services provided by internal staff;
  • Autonomous or assisted use.

Lab N01: “Q-Tech - Quantum devices”

Class: ISO6

Area: 70 m2

Aim: Characterization of Quantum Photonic Devices. Q-comm Trusted Node – Superconductive Detector, Availability of an Optical Cryostat

Lab N02: “Microscopy and Electron- and Ion- Beam Lithography”

Class: ISO6

Area: 68 m2

Aim: Characterization of nanostructures and devices 

Lab N03: “Etching, growth, thermal treatment”

Class: ISO6

Area: 65 m2

Aim: Growth, heat treatment and layer removal by physical etching.

Lab N04a: “Packaging”

Class: ISO7

Area: 23 m2

Aim: Assembly and packaging of devices.

Lab N04b: “Deposition”

Class: IS06

Area: 51 m2

Aim: Physical deposition of thin films.

Lab N05b: “Chemical”

Class: ISO6

Area: 26 m2

Aim: Cleaning and preparation of substrates, nanostructured materials synthesis.

Lab N05b: “Optical Lithography”

Class: ISO5

Area: 32 m2

Aim: Optical lithography.

Lab N06b: “Lab TEM”

Class: –

Area: 15 m2

Aim: TEM analysis.