Facility And Services

Reference for quantum, micro and nano technologies

The objective of PiQuET is to propose itself as a reference for quantum, micro and nano technologies in Piedmont, both for research and for industrial innovation.

For this reason the access mode to the structure includes both the service provided by internal staff and autonomous or assisted use.

The main services offered concern the design and development of: devices for on demand applications, devices and functional components through rapid prototyping with innovative materials, new micro and / or nanostructured materials, test benches and measurement for on demand applications.

Lab S1: “Q-Tech - Quantum devices”

Class: ISO6

Area: 70 m2

Aim: Characterization and fabrication of atomic clocks, dissemination of frequency signals on a continental scale by using optical fibers.

Lab S2: “Microscopy and Electron- and Ion- Beam Lithography”

Class: ISO6

Area: 68 m2

Aim: Characterization and fabrication of quantum, micro & nano device by electron and ion beam microscopes.

Lab S3: “Etching, growth, thermal treatment”

Class: ISO6

Area: 65 m2

Aim: Growth, heat treatment and layer removal by physical etching.

Lab S4A: “Packaging”

Class: ISO7

Area: 23 m2

Aim: Assembly and packaging of devices.

Lab S4B: “Deposition”

Class: IS06

Area: 51 m2

Aim: Physical deposition of thin films.

Lab S5A: “Chemical”

Class: ISO6

Area: 26 m2

Aim: Cleaning and preparation of substrates, nanostructured materials synthesis.

Lab S5B: “Optical Lithography”

Class: ISO5

Area: 32 m2

Aim: Optical lithography.

Lab O03: “Lab TEM”

Class: –

Area: 15 m2

Aim: TEM analysis.